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This is a must read for any CEO, VP of Sales, or Technical hiring manager

7 of the Biggest Hiring Mistakes Costing Companies Tens of Thousands In Lost Revenue Each Year

1. Not being aware of the internal team:
Promoting from within can significantly reduce your risk. You want to encourage and nurture the talent you already have, so work hard to discover what you have before you go looking for more. will certainly reduce your hiring cost and go a long way to retaining talent within your business and not losing it to your competitors.

2. Failing to Clarify expectations up front:
Clearly describing the performance requirements of the job is what the best managers always do.  Describe the 4-5 critical performance objectives required to be considered successful (the upper 25%) in the role.  This is often referred to as "benchmarking".

3. Refuse to compromise on your demand for hiring top talent
Getting the best people on your team is the key to building a winning firm.  Surround yourself with people who are more talented than you are and pay them more than you earn if necessary.  Don't let B-Level Managers hire C-Level Sales executives so they can feel like the smartest person in the room.

4. Failing to fully engage in the recruiting process
Over our 20 years of successful sales and technical recruiting, we have observed hiring managers who consistently hired the best people.  They spent more time with the candidates before, during, and after the interviewing process. All of them would meet strong prospects on an exploratory basis before the person agreed to be a serious candidate.  They all seek advice from recruiters who understand the nuances of their industry.

5.   Failing to Value potential over experience
For the best hiring managers...while the candidate hired needed to have the basic skills, upside potential was far more important than the laundry list of skills and experiences listed on the traditional job description.

They modify the job to fit the right person, rather than find the right person to fit the job. The best managers are always willing to see talented people whether or not they have an open job to fill. They were also willing to modify an open job to attract and better meet the career needs of a strong person.

6. Failing to take full responsibility for the results of every hiring decision
Hiring managers often delegate much of the hiring process to the HR and recruiting departments.  But the best hiring managers always take full responsibility for the results of every hiring decision. Surprisingly, most give credit for their successes to others, but took personal blame for the failures.  They are always looking for ways to improve regardless of who is to blame for any problems. 

7.   Failing to align values with the hiring process
• Here is a List of the top values Employers Look for in Employees.
• Strong work ethic
• Dependability and responsibility
• Possessing a positive and 'can do' attitude
• Adaptability
• Honesty and integrity
• Teamwork

If the values of the firm don't match that of the candidate, no amount of money will get them to change their mind to join your firm.  If they do join you, it won't be for very long...and that will be more damaging than them not joining at all.

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