2 Interview Questions That Accurately Determine Long Term Success....Every time​!

According to Performance Based hiring philosophy (developed by Lou Adler), there are 2 primary questions that will help you, the hiring manager, determine a candidate’s chances of long term on-the-job success.  Asking these thoughtful questions and listening closely for revealing answers will lead you down the right path every time:

  1.  Most Significant Accomplishment:
Ask candidates to describe major accomplishments from their past that are comparable to those required for on the job success.  Dig deep into each accomplishment asking for names, dates, numbers, and other details.  Ask follow up questions about tight deadlines, limited resources, and complex issues pertaining to their accomplishments.  By asking enough detail oriented questions there will be no way the candidate can fake their answers or mislead the interviewer about past accomplishments.

  2.  Problem Solving Question:

Ask candidates how they would resolve actual job related problems.  A solid grasp of the technical demands of the job combined with the ability to learn and apply new information is the right mix for success.  The ability to learn quickly, apply, and execute are common traits of most high performing individuals.  Good hires have the ability to visualize how to accomplish a task or solve a job related problem.  This can range from questions about which resources they would use to accomplish lead generation to questions about dealing with a complaint from a prospect, to questions about sales process and how they close a deal.

The final answer is far less important than the process the person uses to figure out the answer.
Toward the end of the Interview:
-Ask the person to describe an actual accomplishment that compares to the problem under discussion.
-The Problem Solving Questions focus more on the right brain; thinking, vision, planning, and creative skills.
-The Most Significant Accomplishment Questions focus more on the left brain performance and analytical skills.  Someone who is strong with both questions combined with a track record of success is likely someone you will want to hire.

​Dave Drohan
Bridgepoint Search