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Bunty Ranu, Sr Director Cloud Architecture, Teradata

I have worked with many recruiters throughout my career, but Bridgepoint Search stands out as the best. Dave with Bridgepoint Search was very transparent and supportive throughout the entire recruiting process. The recruiters at Bridgepoint are consistent in identifying great talent and matching them to the right role quickly and effectively. I highly recommend Bridgepoint Search for any recruiting needs.


Mark Feldhamer, President, Logic Data

I've worked with a number of recruiters over the years. Candidly, I've been very unhappy with the results. But with Dave at Bridgepoint Search I finally found someone who actually took the time to understand the requirements and skills of the position. He only sent me qualified candidates that met my parameters and saved me a good deal of time in the vetting process. They found people in my industry that I was unaware of, and who were well qualified. His fees are reasonable and he has been very responsive.  I also found Dave to be very communicative, friendly, and quick to grasp the nuances of our needs. 

 Corning Data

Scott Peterson, President Corning Data, Oracle Platinum Partner

Bridgepoint Search is a very effective Recruiting firm that listens carefully to our requirements.  They are quick to identify truly qualified candidates for our consideration.  Bridgepoint Search is a great asset to our company, and we will continue to utilize their services.

Donna Ward, Sr Director, Distribution One

Bridgepoint Search took the time to listen carefully to our needs.  They were able to identify qualified candidates for our consideration quickly.  Their follow-up during and after hiring is second to none. Bridgepoint Search is a great asset to our company.

Chris Chapman, CFO and VP of Corporate Finance, 5ME

Bridgepoint Search was a great help to my company.  They were able to find candidates that exactly fit our job description.  Their Recruiters are professional and followed up on every call and question I had during the process.  Bridgepoint Search would be a great external asset to any HR department.  I enjoyed working with them during our process.

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Lynn Duffy, VP Sales, Smart ERP Solutions, Oracle Partner

Bridgepoint Search are Recruiting professionals who truly care about client satisfaction.  They go the extra mile to ensure expectations are set and met.  I highly recommend Bridgepoint Search for your recruiting needs!

3D Color logo

Bob Jennings, CEO 3D Color

Bridgepoint Search is a pleasure to work with and are consummate professionals.  They found a number of high quality candidates that we hired and they  are expert Recruiting professionals. I highly recommend Bridgepoint Search.

Dan Aldrige, CEO Performa Apps - A preferred Infor Partner

Bridgepoint Search provides excellent recruiting services and offer a great pool of talent.  Dave found us our top notch senior account executive that we chose after considering 40+ candidates. Nice job Bridgepoint Search!